Ludham & Stalham Green Surgeries
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Community Staff

Community Midwife

The Broadland Team of Midwives cover midwifery care for Ludham and Stalham Green Surgery. The named Midwife for the surgeries is Karen Battersby and Clinics are held on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm.

Patients have a choice of two hospitals of where they can have their baby which is either the Norfolk and Norwich or James Paget, Tracey and her team will arrange which hospital mums to be wish to attend.

Home deliveries can also be arrange for mother's through the midwife team.

Our team also offers antenatal classes. These classes are for women with their birth partner. Subjects covered in the classes include: labour & birth, feeding a new baby and life with a new baby.

On Tuesday mornings at the Maternity Suite our team's Maternity Care Assistant holds a class on baby bathing and baby care. We also hold antenatal classes for those who have had babies before but feel they need a refresher.

If you would like to attend classes leave your name, due date and contact phone number on our office answer-phone (01603-777928) and one of us will call to make the booking.

Midwives care for mothers & babies normally up to a maximum of 28 days. Our care/support is focused on preventing health problems. Mothers & babies are discharged into the care of their surgery's health visitor between 10 and 28 days. If we detect health problems in mothers or babies midwives refer to the appropriate health care professional.

A midwife can be contacted via medicom 01603 481222 for out of hours care if needed. In an emergency please call 999.

Smoking Cessation

We also offer patients a chance to help stop smoking. James is a Specialist Advisor with Norfolk Stop Smoking Team and holds a weekly clinic at Stalham Green Surgery on a Tuesday afternoon.

This has so far been very successful treatment offered by the NHS, which combines medication support (all products are on prescription) with personal support to make the changes needed.

This combination make it four times more likely that patients will quit and stay quit. To access this service you may make book an appointment at the reception.


We have a dietician Dawn who runs two clinics a month for Ludham and Stalham Green Surgeries, one clinic at each site per month.

Ludham Clinic is held the 1st Tuesday afternoon of each month and Stalham Green's clinic is the 3rd Monday afternoon each month.

Referals are made mainly by the GP, Practice nurse or may be made by a consultant following treatment from the hospital.

Dawn will advise people of their diet related to their medical condition eg for diabetes, heart problems, allergies and intolerances and gastrointestinal problems such as Crohns or Coelilac disease.

Dawn will also advise people on their weight, and may also see people for nutritional support. This involves adapting their diet in terms of texture and/or increasing their calorie and protien intake to help them maintain or gain weight, for example after a stroke or in neurological conditions such as Parkinsons.

Dawn will also visit people in their own homes if they are not able to attend clinic and also provides a service to nursing and residential homes in the area.