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Rubella Immunisations

Large increase in non-immunity to rubella (german measles) across Norfolk

We have recently been advised of a huge increase in non-immunity to rubella in Norfolk which has resulted with increased numbers of pregnant ladies reaching ante-natal clinics and finding they do not have immunity against rubella.

This oboviously puts their baby at risk if they were to catch rubella during pregnancy.

If you are trying for a baby or thinking of becoming pregnant and you have not already had a blood test to confirm you have sufficient immunity please book an appointment with the health care assistant to have your immunity levels checked - if they are low we can then vaccinate you with the MMR vaccine.

If you are female and have not had a vaccination (or you have a female child over 10 who has not yet had a rubella vaccination), please contact the surgery.

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01692 580 880 Stalham Green Surgery

Seasonal Flu

Although many people say that they very rarely get flu, studies show that every year around 15-20% of people are infected. Peaks in flu cases are usually in December and January – if you are in an “at risk” group, please don’t leave it until there is a national panic before getting your jab!

 If you have missed the clinic dates and are in an "at risk" group. please contact the surgeries for an appointment.
The main groups are

  • those aged 65 or over,
  • those with long term illnesses,
  • carers 
  • pregnant women
  • Health care workers are also recommended vaccine to protect themselves and to help stop them spreading flu to their patients.

Please click here to view a poster with detaiols of the 2018 Flu Clinics.

Shingles Vaccination

Who’s eligible in 2018/19 for a shingles vaccination?

Click here to see if you are eligible.